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The origin of “Every day I see a cow”

daily cowEvery day I see a cow” is the post that started it all, over six months ago, on my Perfecting Motherhood blog.

Actually, I was first exposed to the daily cow sighting theory several years ago, as I was listening to a popular morning radio show here in San Diego. One of the hosts mentioned a surprising fact – that every day, each and everyone of us sees a cow. I thought, I live in San Diego, not Kansas! He went on to clarify that it may not be a real cow, but the image of a cow, anywhere around us, which would include billboards, magazine ads, TV, books, products, etc.

I considered “every day” to be an overstatement so I decided to do some fact-checking. Well, so far it really looks like it is… I’ve written several posts after that, to provide more proof to the theory, with “Did you know they have cows at SeaWorld?” and more recently “Every day I see a cow… the French edition“, raising the idea that the cow theory is valid in other countries than the US.

My two kids are now trained to spot “Mama’s cow of the day” on a daily basis, and they’re really good at it! You may think that you’ll only find cows in farm and dairy settings, but they’re really everywhere, including:

– Sea environments, like SeaWorld
– Books that have nothing to do with cows or farms
– TV and print ads
– Coffee shops
– Paintings
– Christmas ornaments

I’m not making this one up! Cows have entered the Christmas tradition, in many ways, including tree ornaments (I just bought one this year!), as well as lawn decorations. Don’t believe me? The proof is in the pudding, well, picture. I found this one at Michael’s on clearance after Christmas…

Cow Christmas decoration at Michael's - December 2010
Cow Christmas decoration at Michael's - December 2010

So I hope you enjoy the daily hay ride searching for cows. Feel free to provide your feedback on this blog and your own cow sightings through post comments.

Thanks for reading!

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