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Every day I see a cow… at the library

Cows (and pigs) are very popular in children’s books so a trip to our local library is a sure way to catch a glimpse of a few cows on any given day. While my son was playing some educational game on the library computer, I browsed through the aisles to stock up on some new reading. I found this book sitting on display on one of the shelves in the children’s literature area:

Trains and cows - our cow of the day
Trains and cows - our cow of the day

Cows and trains: the obvious combination, in a children’s book and in real life.

I thought my cow sightings were over but as I sat on a her chair behind my son, I couldn’t help but stare at the computer screen next to him, where another boy was playing. There it was, a dairy cow playing a part in one of the computer games. Here’s a short cow video for you:

Then my son proceeded on showing me that the library has a whole game with a cow as its main character! Her name is Millie, and she’s responsible for teaching kids math. The game is called Millie’s math house. Here she is during her game intro:

With the predominance of cows in our Western culture, I don’t see a better trusting choice to represent a teacher!

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