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Meet our daily cow (and the tooth fairy) on Charlie and Lola

I got to see quite a few cow images today but the one that stood out came from Charlie and Lola’s DVD Vol.5 Series. For those of you who don’t know, Charlie and Lola started as a British series of books by Lauren Child, featuring a fun and imaginative sibling duo. The books are wonderful and the Charlie and Lola DVD series is even better, as it brings both characters and their friends to life, including some very cute British accents.

Every day you see a cow on Charlie and Lola!
Every day you see a cow on Charlie and Lola!

In this specific episode (My Wobbly Tooth Must Not Ever Never Fall Out), Lola gets to find out about the tooth fairy and the fact that she not only brings coins, but also presents to little kids who lose their teeth. Lola now gets to imagine what the tooth fairy will bring her once she loses her very wobbly tooth. Check it out for yourself and view your cow of the day, but don’t bling because it doesn’t get a lot of screen time (you’ll get to hear it moo too!):

I just love the idea that Lola is wishing for a cow toy as a gift for the first baby tooth that she’ll lose. Ah, the power of the cow…

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