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Where’s the beef? Our daily cows are at Trader Joe’s…

Trader Joe’s is quite a fun grocery store to shop at, as it offers a wide variety of ethnic foods in such a small space. My son and I made a quick run to our local Trader Joe’s this afternoon to grab a few of our favorite things. While my son was actively looking for the hidden green monkey (he gets to pick something from the prize box at the register if he finds it), I took a quick glance at the colorful paintings on the walls and the aisle signage to spot any friendly cows.

Trader Joe’s is very animal friendly in its store signage, starting with the countryside sceneries painted on the walls all the way down to the individual price tags, which tend to show animal heads. On that subject, I often wonder how they choose to associate some animals with specific product price tags (yes, I’ve seen giraffes on pasta tags before…).

Cows are quite prominent throughout the store, from the meat department to the dairy department of course. As I started taking a few pictures to document my cow sightings, I snapped this funny one in the dairy department (that cow looks scary by the way)…

Dairy cows at Trader Joe's
Dairy cows at Trader Joe's

when a Trader Joe’s employee approached me to kindly inform me that no photos were allowed in the store. I went on indicating that I was only taking pictures of their cows for my blog, thinking she would be intrigued, would ask more details, and let me capture my cow sightings. Well, no such luck. She plainly repeated, sorry, no photos in the store, it’s corporate policy. Wow, what a bunch of paranoid executives!

Alright, so as a cow spotter, I don’t give up that easily and I captured one more image before I left. In my opinion, this one is a copycat version of the French Le Boeuf poster I blogged about the other day, and it doesn’t even look as good…

Cow sign in the meat department at Trader Joe's
Cow sign in the meat department at Trader Joe's

Oh, one more question I want to ask… Isn’t “Where is the beef?” a slogan still under valid trademark by Wendy’s? Is that why I can’t take pictures of their signs? Hmm, makes you think…

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