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Today’s cow is Unsinkable Molly B – a cow with more lives than a cat!

I read about today’s featured cow in an online news story that delivers proof that karma can surround animals as much as humans.

This daily cow has been named “Unsinkable Molly B” and even though today’s article shows that Molly indeed is unsinkable, our bovine friend first gained her famous nickname five years ago.

You see, Molly made headlines then when she took her life in her own hooves and ran away from imminent death. She jumped a 5-foot fence as she was about to be butchered at the slaughterhouse, ran down several streets while being chased by the police, swam across the Missouri River, until she was finally caught on the other side. Check out Molly, literally running for her life…

Unsinkable Molly B cow - Run, Molly, run!
Unsinkable Molly B cow - Run, Molly, run!

Her exploits caused the slaughterhouse employees to spare her life and she was sent to greener pastures at the Montana Large Animal Sanctuary and Rescue.

Unfortunately, Molly is making headlines again this week because the Sanctuary has fallen into despair and many animals starved to death until several organizations stepped in to rescue what was left. Check out Molly, she seems pretty healthy, lucky her!

Unsinkable Molly B at the sanctuary
Unsinkable Molly B at the sanctuary

So now Molly has been given a third chance at life. She is now staying at another Montana sanctuary, where she hopefully will be able to enjoy the rest of her life uneventfully.

Cheers to a cow that has used more lives than most cats I know! That cow must have done something good in her previous life!

To read more about Molly, search Google for Unsinkable Molly B, or just read this article.

7 thoughts on “Today’s cow is Unsinkable Molly B – a cow with more lives than a cat!

  1. We have the honor of being the guardians for Molly B. at our 501.C.3 non-profit farmed animal sanctuary:
    New Dawn MT Farm Animal Sanctuary, Stevensville, MT.
    Molly is living at her new permanent home. She is a beautiful cow. She demonstrated to all of us how much bovines want to live and not go to slaughter and fortunately Molly B. pulled it off. Since having to move from MT Large Animal Sanctuary to our sanctuary, we offer this sanctuary home, she is now in to be her life-long home. She is doted upon everyday and is relaxing and now comes up to us for hay, very good progress for Molly B. feeling at-home here. Thanks. Susan

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