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Are you ready to play “Let’s find cows” with Caillou?

Caillou road trip video with cows
Caillou road trip video with cows

My kids have a broad taste when it comes to videos to watch together, from Elmo and Sesame Street, to Charlie and Lola, to BBC Oceans (one of our favorites), etc. Tonight, their choice was Caillou the Creative DVD. Now, I could watch Charlie and Lola for hours on end and not get tired of it (I’m sure their cute British accent has something to do with it), but Caillou is… well, something else. Besides most story lines and dialogues being quite boring, with drawings even less exciting, the voices are as annoying as nails on a chalkboard. Somehow Caillou sounds like he’s constantly whining, even when he’s not.

However, tonight’s video came with a reward, when Caillou and Rosie’s mom asked them to find specific things during their road trip. After successfully finding a red barn and a white car, the kids had to look for… you guessed it, cows! And boy, did they get lucky!!! They saw lots of dairy cows in a field, and you’ve got to see their dad’s reaction as he drives by. Wow, Caillou’s scriptwriters need to watch Charlie and Lola and see what real humor should sound like!

So here’s your cow video of the day, with cows, cows, cows, and even more cows after that…

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