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My cow blog is being showcased on WordPress!

In early January 2011, I took the WordPress challenge to post every day of 2011. I figured it would be a great motivator for me to write this blog, especially since my goal is to report my personal daily sightings of cow.

Today I almost fell off my chair when I saw on the WordPress daily update that my blog was featured in the “10 WordPress theme blogs that rock“! All I can say is, HOLY COW! (no pun intended).

I’m so glad to read that other people think that cows rock, and I want to thank today’s visitors for stopping by. Thanks also to the few emails of encouragement I’ve already received. Feel free to browse, subscribe if you would like daily updates, and don’t forget to tell your friends about this experiment in progress.

And by the way, if you think that you don’t see a cow every day, here’s one for you, doubtful reader!

Every day you see a cow
Every day you see a cow

12 thoughts on “My cow blog is being showcased on WordPress!

  1. Your blog is terrific! I love the idea of focusing on one thing each day. It’s great. I’m so glad WordPress featured you. And you’re in San Diego?! Me too!

    1. Yes, I’m in San Diego, and I know of a few places where they have real cows! I just haven’t been around them so far this year, but I know it’s only a matter of time. Thanks for stopping by and offering your kind feedback!

  2. What a great idea. Love the blog and many congratualtions on a well deserved feature in ‘Blogs that Rock’. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face this morning.
    I don’t get to see many cows in my area, but I am surrounded by swans which is also pretty cool. Enjoy your fame. Juls :-)

  3. I love cows … and I am serious about this. I believe in the great symbolism of abundance and fecundity that cows represent and also that Krishna’s Gopis worshiped cows to remind them daily of his love and their devotion…. Hurray for cows and you! :-)

  4. Hello! What a great blog! I am an artist and I paint cows and I am always looking
    for photos of cows to use as inspiration for my paintings. I was wondering if you might have any photos you would be willing to share? Have a great day! Norma

    1. You’re welcome to browse this site to find inspiration. Stay away from the obvious copyrighted materials but there could be a few things of interest. And visit back in the future, for more cow materials.

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