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It’s all about cows on NBC’s The Office!

One of my kids was sick today, so we got to stay home and read a lot of children’s books, several of them featuring cows, of course. I’ll spare you those images as I’m sure they’ll be the subject of future posts. For now, I’d like to share some exciting news about cows and how they really seem to have entered mainstream TV.

About a month ago, I noticed a pretty large cow decoration on the show “How I met your mother” (read Today’s cow is on “How I met your mother”! to witness the cow’s apparation). Today, during the kids’ nap, I was catching up on some episodes of NBC’s The Office I witnessed the conversation below between co-workers Pam, Erin and Oscar. Somehow their little guessing game quickly ended up revolving around… cows! See it for yourself in this short video from The Office episode called “The Seminar”.

Now, I can only find one explanation for this conversation – the show’s writers must have been reading this blog! “It doesn’t have to be all cow stuff, right?” asks Pam. Of course, it does! We see cows every day, and now the’re being showcased on every primetime TV show, one by one. Well, at least that’s my prediction!

7 thoughts on “It’s all about cows on NBC’s The Office!

  1. Speaking of books you read to your children that featured cows…have you heard of the book, Where’s My Cow? by Terry Pratchett. It popped into my mind immediately after you mentioned reading cow featured children’s books to your kids. :)

      1. I will take a look.

        By the way, I haven’t mentioned this yet but I really like your blog, this is a fantastic idea. I wonder if Canadians see cows every day…hmmm

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