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Cows and bulls on a San Diego map

We had lunch at our local IHOP today and I have to say that place is plastered with pancakes. Literally plastered. There are photos of stacks of pancakes on every wall in the restaurant. The only people I can think of who wouldn’t get the not-so-subliminal message are the blind. And even then, the smell of pancakes is pretty convincing. By the way, if this makes you feel hungry, IHOP is offering all-you-can-eat pancakes for $4.99 right now. But seriously, how many pancakes can you really eat?

There’s also a lot of bacon and some beef on the menu but I didn’t see any pigs otherwise. I found some cows, though, hidden on the way to the restrooms. On the wall was displayed an old map of San Diego County, with illustrations along every major attraction.

The San Diego Wild Animal Park is located on the edge of Escondido, in the middle of the San Pasqual Valley. This is the main agricultural preserve in San Diego county, and what goes with agriculture? You guessed it, cows…

Cows on a map next to the San Diego Wild Animal Park
Cows on a map next to the San Diego Wild Animal Park

On this map you can see the cows right below the Wild Animal Park. The funny thing is that at the main intersection before the Park, you’ll actually find real cows grazing in a field. I’m sure I’ll get a chance to take a picture of them over the next few months.

Now, for the dark side of this map, you’ll have to go south of the US border, where a proud torero is poking a poor bull destined for death.

Bull fighting in Tijuana, Mexico
Bull fighting in Tijuana, Mexico

Yep, even though this map is quite old, bullfighting is still legal in Mexico today, and a major attraction in Tijuana (for both local inhabitants and American tourists). All I can say is, shame on them.

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