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New ad for La Crème features floating cows!

I ran across today’s cow (actually, cows) in a magazine. More precisely Redbook, the March 2011 issue. Now, don’t think I buy Redbook off the shelf at my local bookstore or grocery store. Magazine subscriptions are a great way to spend air miles that are about to expire. The only advice I can give you if you’re suddenly thinking of doing the same, is not to use all of your miles on magazines at the same time. Your mailbox, and in my case my nightstand, will resent you for it…

Redbook is one of those magazines where half of the pages are print ads, most of them for some pseudo-glamorous products I should feel guilty for not buying. So the ad below brought a breath of fresh air to the monotonous routine of the never-ending beauty ads. And believe or not, it has cows in it. But not any cows, inflatable cows!

La Creme creamer ad with non-dairy cows
La Creme creamer ad with non-dairy cows

After almost 15 years in marketing, I can remorselessly rip apart any ad in less than 30 seconds if I think it deserves it. That’s why I have no problem admitting this ad has to be one of the BEST ads I’ve seen in a long time. Let me rephrase this, a long, long time.

It’s smart, it’s witty and it’s even educational! I had no idea millions of Coffee-Mate drinkers thought their non-dairy creamers came from a cow (scary, scary statistics by the way). So where do you get non-dairy creamer? Apparently from floating non-dairy cows at Faux Farms. I love it, especially the one in the back floating away.

Oh, and the slogan, “Time to get real. Get La Crème“. So simple, yet so sharp. Gosh, I wish more ads were that good. That would probably help me go through my pile of magazines a lot faster.

So hats off to a company who embraces the power of real cows! And since you’re claiming a French name, La Crème, I can say to you, “Chapeau”!

March 17, 2011: See the new print ad from La Crème in the April 2011 issue of Redbook.

5 thoughts on “New ad for La Crème features floating cows!

  1. Thanks to those of you who have already shared a link to this post with their Facebook friends today! I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one to think this ad is brilliant in a world of often boring advertising.

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