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Don’t blink at ToysRUs or you’ll miss all the cows!

Since my search for unicorns at Target and WalMart came up empty yesterday, I’d thought I’d have better luck at ToysRUs. So I took a trip there this afternoon with the intent to complete my scavenger hunt. I decided that walking up and down almost every aisle (mostly the pink ones) would increase my odds of finding the shy, mystical animal. And it worked, thanks to the My Little Pony people, who seem to understand that some little girls actually like to play with unicorns!

As I was browsing the store, I stumbled upon so many cows I wouldn’t bore you to death showing you all of them. But I did find a few bovines that stood out from the rest of the cattle, so here we go.

You can’t visit a toy store without running into Schleich animals, and that’s where I found my first happy cow family.

Schleich cows - family
Schleich cows - family

I met my second cow family in a box. I have to say these have to be the cutest cows I’ve seen in a while. They are miniature cows for little hands to play with. You can even buy them a cottage to live in! And if you’re not too crazy about cows, Calico Critters also offers rabbit and hamster families. Too bad I have two boys or I’d seriously consider buying these toys so that I could play with them when my kids are sleeping…

Calico Critters Friesian Cow Family
Calico Critters Friesian Cow Family

With the My Little Pony Unicorns in hand, I walked towards the register, thinking I was done with cow encounters for the day. Boy, was I wrong! As I was checking out, I ran into the biggest cow display in the store, thanks to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Ben & Jerry ice-cream bar display
Ben & Jerry ice-cream bar display

Now you’re thinking I’m really done, right? Well, almost. Guess what I found right by the exit doors? A claw machine! And what animal do claw machine vendors really like to torture in there? Cows, of course. I’ve seen the trapped cows in the past at the mall and at Food4Less. Here’s the most miserable cow I found at ToysRUs, desperately seeking someone to rescue her. Hmm, desperately seeking… Susan? Ah, that was a fun movie, but I’m really dating myself now.

Cow stuck in claw machine at ToysRUs
Cow stuck in claw machine at ToysRUs

5 thoughts on “Don’t blink at ToysRUs or you’ll miss all the cows!

  1. Those Calico Critters ARE adorable! Never seen them before but I haven’t been to a ToysRus in a long time.
    I live in Texas in a smaller city, so I don’t have to drive very far to actually see real cows. Those Schleich cows are really lifelike looking.
    As for the one on the side of the Ben & Jerry’s…kind of creeping me out….looks like the head of a cow on top of an ice cream cone! Ah!

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