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More happy cows in my kitchen pantry!

As I was attempting an inventory of the various cereal bars in my kitchen pantry this morning, I spotted the box below at the back of the cabinet. It’s always open and turned on one side, so I get to never see what’s on the lid and front. Well, look how cute it is!

Happy cows on a metal box
Happy cows on a metal box

I love the happy sun, happy butterfly and happy cow! And look at those cute ribbons around her neck and her feet. The only thing that seems not right? This poor cow looks like it only has three legs… But no matter what, it’s a happy cow, munching on tasty flowers.

What’s interesting is that I never bought this box. If my memory serves me well, it’s my mom who sent it to me full of some goodies a few years ago. Instead of just tossing it, I used it to store random items in my pantry and never really paid close attention to it, until this morning, when I had a (tiny) urge to do some spring cleaning.

I’m moving this cow box towards the front of my cabinet, so I’ll get a chance to see her contagious smile every morning!

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