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If you don’t want to see cows every day, stay away from Facebook

Not that long ago I explained how I stumbled upon the photo of an apparent cow lover on Facebook. Facebook has the canny ability to let you see Friends of Friends photos and comments if your Friends of Friends have allowed such non-private settings.

Silly me, I should have learned my lesson that day. In this case, I’m clearly not a fast learner. A friend of mine commented on one of her friends’ photo today and for the life of me, I couldn’t see what was so interesting on the tiny thumbnail, so I clicked on the photo to view its larger size. This poor lady had a monkey on her back! Yes, I said monkey, not cow. I thought the photo was pretty funny and I was curious to click the side arrows to see what else was in her album. Warning: if you don’t want to run into cows, don’t click on photo albums from people who don’t know.

This lady’s obsession interest in cows is quite striking but I have to admit I really enjoyed her photos. I’m not really sure where she took all of them but from the captions, I’m guessing it was in Spain, so I’m taking you on a special Spanish tour today!

First stop, a Christmas cow. I’ve never seen one of these before but I think it looks very, very nice.

Christmas cow in Spain
Christmas cow in Spain

Second stop, a… wait, what the hell is that???

A mermaid cow or a cow mermaid?
A mermaid cow or a cow mermaid?

Alright, I’ve never seen anything like this either. Is it a cow mermaid, or a mermaid cow? What does it mean? Apparently this cow thinks it’s very sexy. I’m not sure what to think of it myself… Spanish art or Spanish humor?

Third stop, real cows, yeah! I’m guessing this lady must have rolled over in a clover field before posing for the photo. I can’t explain how else she was able to attract so many cows. Say cheese!

Cow lover in front of many dairy cows
Cow lover in front of many dairy cows

Now I’m willing to bet this lady believes 100% in the daily cow sighting theory. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “If you don’t want to see cows every day, stay away from Facebook

  1. I think you have to stay away from anything to not see cows…I didn’t even realize myself how often you see cows until I started reading this blog! Now….I am seeing them everywhere!
    Earlier today I watched Gypsy, an old musical, for the first time…not sure if you have ever heard of it, but halfway into it, this stage mother has a dream where she sees a cow and the cow tells her to put it in the act…so she has 2 people in a cow costume for this Vaudeville act they do……and you see the cow’s head all through the movie! I was like, geez, you really DO see cows everyday!

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