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Using happy cows to soothe babies?

I wanted my kids to get some exercise this morning, but after it rained all night, everything was pretty wet outside. So we decided to head to a local indoor playground. These playgrounds actually come in handy in the hot summer sun, where kids can run around in a air conditioned room when it’s over 100 degrees outside.

Obviously we weren’t the only ones to have this brilliant idea because the place was packed with overexcited kids the whole time we were there. My kids had a lot of fun and got to burn a lot of fuel (that makes for restful afternoon naps) and I got to enjoy watching them play. That’s until I spotted something hanging from the ceiling at the back of the room…

Changing table with cow head on ceiling
Changing table with cow head on ceiling

Yes, it IS a cow head hanging from the ceiling, right above the baby changing table. Here’s a close-up photo so you can see how happy it looks.

Smiling, happy cow head hanging from the ceiling
Smiling, happy cow head hanging from the ceiling

I’ll offer two potential explanations for this cow’s strategic placement:

1) The playground owners think a smiling cow will keep babies calm while their parents change them.

2) Someone knew I was coming and wanted to play a joke on me.

Is it April Fool’s Day yet? According to my calendar, there’s still another week to go, so I’ll have to go with the first explanation. Well, who knew cows had such a soothing effect on babies? Hmm, this could even be a one-million dollar idea. I’ll mark this as food for thought…

3 thoughts on “Using happy cows to soothe babies?

  1. Well…newborns only see in black and white for awhile, right? So maybe that’s where the idea of having a cow’s head there came from?
    Since I’m not a mommy yet, I’m just going by what I remember my mom and sisters telling me when my nieces were infants. I remember how they had these little look books that were black and white and they would tell me how it takes a little while for a baby to distinguish colors and to really recognize your face. I think that was what they said…am I right?

    1. Hmm, I wonder if you’re on to something… I believe that babies see plenty of colors but may not be able to distinguish all of them. Newborns also don’t see well farther than a foot or two (they’re very near sighted!) so big shapes help. So maybe you’re right about using cows for babies. They have simple colors and they have big, friendly heads, so it looks like a perfect match!

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