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Why are cow skulls so popular?

I’m not sure what America’s obsession with cow skulls is all about, but I seem to run into one of them on a weekly basis. First there was the Texas Longhorn logo truck decal, then I found a cow skull as a hitch cover, and they just keep coming.

This afternoon, after I left the library with a bag full of new books, I walked by the adjacent store, which happens to be the “Friends of the Library” bookstore. This is where you can donate used books that other people will buy. The money will then be donated to the library to buy new books. I’m not sure how well this really works, but I like the idea.

This is the book I found displayed in their store window:

Book with cow skull on back cover
Book with cow skull on back cover

What strikes me about this window display is the fact that we’re looking at the back cover of the book! Is the front cover so uninteresting that only the back will motivate a potential buyer to come inside? Or do the sellers believe in the selling power of cows that showing this cow skull will do the trick? Remember how the Mattel people seem to understand the power of using cows to sell games such as Uno! Moo? I think there’s a subliminal message waiting to be decripted here…

Who said you can’t judge a book by its cover? Maybe not by the front cover, but by the back cover for sure!

2 thoughts on “Why are cow skulls so popular?

  1. Maybe they knew you were coming by! LOL
    I wish our library had one of those stores…instead we have an annual book sale that benefits the library where donated books are sold. Since I love books so much, I’m always there, of course, but I wish they had a place ALL year to purchase donated books.

    1. The idea is great but I’m not sure the books inside the store are that interesting. Sometimes it looks more like a dumping site for items that have been sitting in boxes for way too long… But I’m sure there’s something for everyone!

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