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Why do BBQ restaurants use smiling cows for their logos?

We just received our 2011 Entertainment book at 50% off (What can I say? We don’t even like to pay full price for our coupon book!) and I decided to start clipping the coupons we’ll be using before the November 30 deadline. Otherwise, we forget about them until mid-November and end up planning our last two weekends of the month running from one attraction to another and use as many coupons as we can. What can I say, we have to get more than our money back! It was fun to do before we had a family but with two little kids now, it’s asking for trouble.

The first section of the book is on restaurants (our personal favorite) and that’s where I ran into the first (and possibly only) cow in the whole book. This smiling bull is San Diego Bull’s Smokin’ BBQ‘s happy mascot!

San Diego Bull's Smokin' BBQ restaurant with smiling bull logo
San Diego Bull's Smokin' BBQ restaurant with smiling bull logo

It’s not the first time I’ve run into smiling cows to sell BBQ goodies. The last time was exactly two months ago, on February 2, 2011, at Biffle’s Smoke House BBQ in Missouri, this one thanks to my husband who drove by there during a work trip.

It’s obvious that smiling cows help sell BBQ, even though the poor bovines have no idea they will BE lunch. Please don’t tell them, you’d ruin their smile.

Of course, I had to take a look at Bull’s Smokin’ BBQ’s website and you won’t believe what I found there!

San Diego Bull's Smokin' BBQ restaurant with jumping bulls and pig
San Diego Bull's Smokin' BBQ restaurant with jumping bulls and pig

I swear, you can’t make that stuff up!!! Is that bull on top trying to escape the grill by jumping off the roof? Oh, I’m so glad I also see a pig there, because if you’re a familiar visitor of this blog, you know of my theory about cows and pigs being best friends.

This restaurant is not far from SeaWorld San Diego, so I think the next time we’re paying a visit to the underwater world, we’ll have to make a pit stop at Bull’s Smokin’ BBQ to find out if the bull completed the great escape. You know I’m rooting for the cow, but I’ve seen their menu, and that looks like a lot of bull…

3 thoughts on “Why do BBQ restaurants use smiling cows for their logos?

  1. I don’t know if I have a weird sense of humor or not, but I couldn’t help but giggle when I saw the Dog Friendly sign…..
    I mean….it’s obvious the pig and the 2 bulls will be a part of the menu but at least they’re dog friendly, right?….I know of some Chinese restaurants who probably could not boast the same!

    1. I have to admit I’ve never seen this on a restaurant sign, but maybe they’re thinking dog lovers will share their bones with them. That means more eating out and less staying at home with their dogs. I’m guessing some Chinese restaurants may be friendly to dogs too, but for a different reason!

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