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Have you ever met a cow pig?

Before I had kids. most of the cows I saw on a daily basis appeared in TV shows, commercials, magazine ads, and outdoor trips to stores and other attractions. Now that I have kids and no cable TV, which has reduced my exposure to TV ads by 98%, many of the cows I see every day tend to show up in kid toys or books.

Today’s cow is part of a toy we’ve had for a very long time at our house. I believe my oldest got it for Christmas when he was a year and a half, over three years ago. This toy is called the Leapfrog Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set. I love the main picture they use to sell this toy on Amazon. Out of the six animals available, they chose to feature the purple cow!

Leapfrog Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set
Leapfrog Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set

We used to stick our Leapfrog Fridge Farm on our fridge but now it’s on our dishwasher since we use most of our fridge surface as children’s art display. My kids have used and abused this toy for the past three years, dragging it around, throwing it, dropping it. The thing won’t die so for that I have to give it five stars. It’s also very entertaining and very fun to play with. You can listen to Farmer Tad playing several songs on the banjo, and put animal parts together to create completed puzzles and hear animal sounds.

The fun part of this toy comes with the possibility of mixing the various body parts and making up new animals. After weeks of not playing with this toy, my oldest decided to turn it on this morning, and one of the animals he created was a cow pig. Here’s a reenactement a few hours later from yours truly.

If you ever wondered what a cow pig looks and sounds like, now you know!

2 thoughts on “Have you ever met a cow pig?

  1. HAHAHAHA! That’s funny! Love it! And I love the fact that the cow is purple cause that’s my favorite color…..too bad there are no real purple cows…at least that I have yet to see!

    1. Here’s the funny thing about the purple cow. It’s the only animal in the set that is not shown in its natural color! I’m guessing they’re winking at Seth Godin for taking about the purple cow in his book by the same name, but I may be off…

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