I found out today that cows can help sell wine

While whizing through the grocery store with my son this afternoon, I made a pit stop by the bakery department to look at breads. There we got the opportunity to sample fresh-baked cookies, which was perfect timing for an afternoon snack.

I’m not sure why this is the case in many grocery stores, but the wine aisle often stands right next to the bakery department. Now that I think of it, the dairy department is usually not far away either. I’m guessing it makes it easier for the “bread, cheese and wine” lovers to quickly gather their yummy treats and go home to enjoy.

As my son and I were snacking on chocolate chip and m&m cookies, I couldn’t help but notice the bottles of wine enticing us to take a closer look at them. That’s when I saw this bottle and almost choked on my cookie…

Dancing Bull wine bottle - Sauvignon blanc

Dancing Bull wine bottle - Sauvignon blanc

Holy cow! It’s not just a bull, but a dancing bull selling wine! These cow sightings never stop surprising me. I had no idea there was such wine label as Dancing Bull, so it didn’t take me two seconds to wonder what other animals are selling wine.

After concluding that birds make up the majority of  wine labels with animals, I discovered quite a few other animals, some of them more surprising than others.

Rex Goliath wine with rooster

Rex Goliath wine with rooster

I’m not sure what the story about this rooster is but it doesn’t want to make me buy and drink this wine, unless I just hide the bottle in the fridge. I do like the rooster’s superhero belt though – must impress the ladies quite a lot…

Wild Horse Wine

Wild Horse Wine

Ah, wild horses… Does the Chardonnay exhibit hints of horse manure? Or maybe just scents of green pastures from the great open spaces of Montana?

Fish Eye Wine

Fish Eye Wine

Now, this one I really don’t get. I’m just guessing a bunch of drunk guys got together to brainstorm about their new winery. Hey, what should we call our wine business? How about fish eye? Have you ever seen a fish drunk from wine? My only thought is, does the wine have a fishy flavor???

Fat Cat Wine

Fat Cat Wine

Yes, I saved the best for last. Forget about the Dancing Bull, THIS is the stuff! I want that wine sooooo bad, so I can feel like those rich people, those fat cats who pay too much for their wine. Oh, I now see it’s Pinot Grigio, one of my favorite white wines. Argh, I really should have bought this one, it would have made me feel… priceless.


2 responses to “I found out today that cows can help sell wine

  1. If you drink enough of the wine, I am sure you will see dancing bulls…..and cats in clothes…talking fish…etc.

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