Have you heard of Luna, the jumping cow?

I was browsing the news section of Yahoo this morning when I stumbled upon this article from the Christian Science Monitor. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Luna the jumping cow!

Luna the jumping cow

Luna the jumping cow

Regina Mayer, a 15-year-old German teenager, asked her parents to buy her a horse but they declined. So she picked the next best thing, the farm’s cow! Training Luna to allow someone to ride on her back took some skill but she got used to it. Then Regina decided to teach Luna to jump. Well, what else would you try to do with a cow named Luna? According to Regina, this cow can be as stubborn as a donkey but the girl has a lot of perseverance on her side too.

I know cows can jump over the moon, but I thought it was only in nursery rhymes. Oh wait, I almost forgot the Unsinkable Molly B, who escaped from sure death by climbing over the slaughterhouse fence. I guess now I can add Luna to my list of famous jumping cows. Regina and Luna, you girls made my day!

View the complete video of Regina and Luna the jumping cow.


3 responses to “Have you heard of Luna, the jumping cow?

  1. I saw this, pretty cool, isn’t it? :D

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