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Cow tipping? In India?

First I want to thank The Real Sharon for passing on the Stylish Blogger Award to me earlier today. I feel honored and humble about this award and I hope I don’t disappoint. As a token of my appreciation, I’m supposed to share a number of things about me and then pass on the award to other worthy bloggers. Give me a few days to get to it but it sounds like fun!

Today’s cow is Indian, a first on this blog. Well, I don’t think it was really filmed in India, but it looks very much like a sacred cow, props included!

Indian cow on NBC's Outsourced
Indian cow on NBC's Outsourced

This cow made its appearance on a recent episode of NBC’s TV show “Outsourced” called “Guess who’s coming to Delhi”. I’ve never watched Outsourced until now and this is the first episode that my husband picked for us to watch together. This show is actually very funny. I was worried about the cheap jokes and uncomfortable cliches the whole concept can bring up, but the episode we watched made fun of Americans and Indians evenly. I’m thinking of adding this series to my “fun-to-watch” list.

This episode taught me a new expression, cow tipping. Not having grown up in the US, I have no shame admitting I’ve never heard this expression before. My husband explained to me it’s a popular activity to do as a really drunk person (where, in Kansas?), which fits like a glove to this episode. The American in question apparently drank two hundred shots to come up with this brilliant idea. It makes for a very funny scene (can you think of anything that could offend Indians more?):

Intrigued, I had to read more about cow tipping on Wikipedia and found out it’s mostly a myth. It’s a challenge to tip a cow and apparently takes the strength of four men. Should I mention sober men? I can imagine so many other twisted meanings for “cow tipping”, I’m actually surprised it simply means tipping over a cow!

2 thoughts on “Cow tipping? In India?

  1. Where are you from? That’s so cool…I didn’t know you weren’t from the U.S.
    I’ve heard of cow tipping since I was younger but never seen anyone actually do it…and I have never considered doing it because it seems cruel and inhumane. As far as I know, IF it’s possible to tip one over, they would get stuck there and not be able to get back up. :( That’s just so mean!

    1. I was born and raised in France and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of cow tipping there! I think it’s because the French know that cows sleep laying down on the ground, so you can’t tip them over while they’re sleeping…

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