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Plenty of cows to spot on San Diego freeways!

Since I live in San Diego, I rarely see real cows when I drive unless I decide to have an adventure day in the countryside. It’s also rare that I see images of cows while driving but it does happen sometimes, such as cow decals on pick-up trucks.

Today I saw cows on two occurrences while I was driving around with my kids. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to snap a picture of the first one with my phone. What can I say? I’m neither a fast drawer, nor was I expecting to see this billboard while cruising on the freeway. So I’m offering you the next best thing – a replica of this billboard so I can share what I saw with you. This may be for last year’s event but the one I saw looks exactly the same. This billboard ad is for the Pala Casino Rodeo event:

Pala Casino Bull Rodeo billboard ad
Pala Casino Bull Rodeo billboard ad

At first glance, I didn’t understand this was an ad for a rodeo. Since the event is taking place at a casino, I thought I was catching a preview of a new “Cirque de la Vache” acrobatic event… I’m not a fan of rodeos because of their ethical and animal rights issues so I think I’d be more excited about bulls and acrobats. Oh well…

I managed to get a picture of another cow I spotted on the freeway, this time at the back of a delivery truck. Yes, the boxes are upside down so it’s hard to see what you’re looking at, but the word “BULL” is what caught my attention.

Bull outdoor grills boxed up for delivery
Bull outdoor grills boxed up for delivery

Here’s a little help for your squinty eyes before you give yourself a migraine. These upside-down boxes are outdoor grills. The brand is BULL (I never heard of them until today) and you can catch a better image of their logo on the BULL Barbecue website. Is it me or the BULL logo is pretty hard to make out, even right side up?

Next time you’re out for a drive, don’t blink or you may miss your daily cow!

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