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My Stylish Blogger Award: it’s time to pass the baton

Almost two weeks ago, Sharon at The Real Sharon awarded me with the “Stylish Blogger Award”. I’d like to thank her again for the special recognition, even though I’m not sure “stylish” is the most adequate adjective for a blog that deals with cows every day. But, hey, I want to consider myself a stylish blogger, so I’ll take it anyway!

As a recipient of this award, one exercise I’m asked to do is to list 10 things that my readers may not know about me from reading my posts. Let’s see if I can impress you…

1) I live in San Diego, CA 6000 miles away from where I was raised and born (the suburbs of Paris, France).

2) My favorite foods are:
– Nutella: I eat it by the spoonful (what can I say, I’m European)
– Ketchup: I like to put it on almost everything, from eggs and soy dogs to steamed veggies, pasta or rice (what can I say, I’m European)
– Chewy, chocolatey-rich brownies

3) Despite point #2, I also eat a large quantity of fruit and vegetables every day. Mostly with ketchup (at least the veggie portion).

4) I haven’t eaten any beef for 23 years and I don’t miss it one bit. An appropriate but purely coincidental fact for someone who blogs daily about cows.

5) I have two master’s degrees: one in English Linguistics, and one in Teaching. For the past 15 years I’ve worked in marketing communications, not using either degree for its original purpose. This year, I’ve decided to go back to my roots make good use of my English degree, redirecting my career towards writing. Dreams are a good thing to have.

6) My favorite musician is Sting. Just like him, “I don’t drink coffee, I drink tea, my dear.”

7) Between French (my native language) and English, English is my language of choice for swearing. Nothing gets the point across as well as those one-syllable, four-letter words like F&$&K and SH*&%T!

8) The Grey’s Anatomy writers stole one of my favorite expressions, “Seriously.” Sorry, but I was the one using it first. Seriously. Something good came out of it though. I bought my own “Seriously” T-shirt. It fits like a glove.

9) Within the past year, I’ve been employed, unemployed, freelancing, stay-at-home mom, and disabled. I’d like the next step before the year is over to be “rich”. Hey, I’ve always been a high achiever!

10) What else do I like to do every day, besides documenting my cow sightings? I love to read, and I love to write. I just need to do more of both.

The second task when receiving the “Stylish Blogger award” is to pass on the baton to other bloggers. I’d throw my Perfecting Motherhood blog in the mix, but that’s probably not too ethical to do, right? So here are some blogs I really enjoy and would like to award the “Stylish Blogger Award” to, in no particular order:

Queen of Zoom: This cool mom takes pictures of her surroundings, including her state of residency, Maryland. Sometimes she snaps those pictures from her motorcycle seat. She’s really good at it and I enjoy reading her blog. I think you will too.

The Laughing Housewife: Tilly Bud is a very, very funny housewife and I enjoy reading her jokes. She loves to take a poke at the WordPress people’s daily post suggestions, and they deserve every bit of her sarcasm.

Sarsm’s Blog: I discovered this mom’s blog less than a week ago but I love it already! Sarah’s a great writer and can make you laugh and cry within the same sentence. She’s also doing the “101 in 1001” and is inspiring me to do the same.

Go, Pop, Go!: this is a really funny and true-to-life dad blog. With two little girls, this dad’s got his hands full and is not embarrassed to admit his struggles, unlike some of us moms (hmm…). If you need a good laugh from a dad’s perspective, this is the place to go.

Motherese Blog: I really enjoy reading this smart and sensitive blog on motherhood, reading and writing. Even though this blogger seems to be on a long sabbatical after the birth of her third child, I think you’ll like reading some of her previous blog posts.

Thanks for reading this to the end. Sit tight for my cow sighting of the day, it’s coming up later tonight!

9 thoughts on “My Stylish Blogger Award: it’s time to pass the baton

  1. You’ve had some pretty “Stylish” looking cows on here, I think! Although the pooper cow….not so much!
    You sound like my dad with the ketchup, he also puts it on everything…..I had always thought it was a Southern thing, but apparently people everywhere do so!

  2. Thank you very much!

    “- Nutella: I eat it by the spoonful (what can I say, I’m European)”

    I don’t think it has less to do with being European and more to do with the fact that Nutella is DELICIOUS!

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