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Meet cows from across the globe, courtesy of the San Diego Safari Park

Today was a sample of what San Diego meteorologists call “May Gray” – gray sky and cool temperatures – even though it showed up a couple of weeks early . It was a perfect day to take the kids to the San Diego Wild Animal Park (now renamed San Diego Safari Park), where it can get pretty hot if the skies are clear and the winds are calm. It was actually so cool when we got there, I was glad to have brought extra jackets! By the way, here’s an easy way to spot the tourists in San Diego: they’re all wearing shorts and T-shirts when the locals are wearing long pants and sweaters and it’s 65 degrees outside.

While at the Safari Park, we got to see many varieties of cattle, our cows’ distant cousins from across the globe. I spotted the first type from across the plain and had to use the 30x zoom on my camera. I present you the “Ankole cattle”, from Africa:

San Diego Safari Park - Ankole cattle
San Diego Safari Park - Ankole cattle

Check out the horns on those cows! They are so large, their span can reach 8 feet from tip to tip. In comparison, the Texas Longhorn has a hornspan of up to 7 feet. Impressive, huh? You probably should keep your distance if you meet one in person.

Talking about cows you don’t want to upset in the wild, meet a group of Cape Buffalos, with a cute new calf:

San Diego Safari Park - Cape Buffalos with new calf
San Diego Safari Park - Cape Buffalos with new calf

Cape Buffalos are so unpredictable and can be so aggressive to humans that they’ve been nicknamed “widowmakers” in Africa, killing a couple hundred people every year. For this reason, they have never been domesticated. So if you ever come across a Cape Buffalo one day, turn around and walk away slowly, very slowly…

Our last cow is not so much of a bovine as a member of the very large Bovidae family, but I thought it looked so cute I should include it in my trip report.

San Diego Safari Park wildebeest
San Diego Safari Park wildebeest

I’m guessing this guy is a pro at posing for pictures!

On the way back, we even spotted some horses and several ordinary cows but I didn’t get a chance to take pictures while driving. The San Diego Safari Park sure filled my quota of cow sightings for today!

2 thoughts on “Meet cows from across the globe, courtesy of the San Diego Safari Park

  1. Neat, thanks for sharing! That last one is beautiful…looks like it’s been painted on. And I bet he’s totally used to posing for all the tourists. “Here, let me show you my good side. How about an eating action shot?” It’s interesting that, partially because of their geographical distance, these different types of bovines are exoticized, while our own humble Holsteins are rarely spotted on safari.

    1. The Safari Park also has a beautiful deer who totally shows up his giant antlers for all passers-by. Those animals sure know they look good.
      I hear you about the Holstein cows, the San Diego zoo doesn’t even have one in their petting zoo, while they have sheep, pigs and miniature horses. Don’t people want to pet the cows’ wet noses?

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