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Spotting cows while shopping for Easter

The Easter Bunny will be visiting our house overnight and I want to make sure he’s got everything he needs to make my two kids happy. So I helped him out and bought a few things this afternoon. I hate doing last-minute purchases but with the kids at home for the past two weeks because of the Easter break, I’ve had little time on my own to help out the Easter Bunny.

So I visited two stores this afternoon: first Michael’s, then WalMart. Going through the stores’ entire Easter stock was painful and entertaining at the same time. Among the multitude of bunnies and chicks, I saw a few cows, clearly wondering how they got tossed into the mix (cows clearly don’t have an overwhelming presence at this time of year). The first one was a cow hand puppet, with as much material as $1 can buy:

$1 cow hand puppet
$1 cow hand puppet

Then I found the cow plush pen. Yes, it is a pen and I can’t even think about writing with something so bulky in my hand. Hmm, I wonder if it would improve my writing skills…

$1 cow plush pen
$1 cow plush pen

I found one of my funniest cow spottings so far this year at WalMart, in what I’d call an embarrassing position. See it for yourself, as I’m not sure how to describe this situation…

Easter bunny on top of pig, on top of cow
Easter bunny on top of pig, on top of cow

Hmm, I remember commenting in the past that cows and pigs often appear to be best friends, but I don’t think I meant friends that way. Seriously, do you think this an appropriate toy for little kids? Take a look at the pig’s blissful smile… Can you hear him say, “The Easter Bunny made me do it!”

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