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Wow! Cow!

By now I’m sure you’ve noticed that I read a lot of new children’s books with my kids every week. If I showed you every single cow I get to see through this medium, you’d be shocked – and probably bored. You’d also think I’m picking all of the children’s books that feature cows. Indeed farm animals are pretty popular characters and the rule seems to be, if you see ANY farm animal in a children’s book, at some point a cow will appear. Just be ready for it.

One of the children’s books my kids picked to read today is Robert Neubecker’s Wow! America! We’ve read the other Wow! series books, such as Wow! City! and Wow! School! so when I discovered there was a Wow! America!, I had to check it out. 

Wow! America! book by Robert Neubecker
Wow! America! book by Robert Neubecker

In every book of the series and on every page of each book, you’ll find a hidden dog (well, if you’ve got good eyes).  In Wow! America! you’ll find a not-so-hidden cow. The girl milking the cow is called Izzy, by the way, and is the author’s daughter.

Wow! Cow! in Wow! America!
Wow! Cow! in Wow! America!

For you to understand the grandeur of this cow, there’s something important I need to mention. In its open position this book spread is 13 inches high and 22 inches wide!!! So you can’t help but be surprised when you flip to this page. Mr. Neubecker, don’t you think you should have called this spread Wow! Cow!, not Wow! Corn! By the way I love the flower crown on its head – a nice touch.

So what do you think should go right after Wow! Cow!Corn!? How about Wow! Cowboys!

Wow! Cowboys! from Wow! America!
Wow! Cowboys! from Wow! America!

Here’s a whole spread about cowboys (and cowgirls) with cows included (top of the page). Now, that’s what America is all about!

4 thoughts on “Wow! Cow!

    1. Alright, the dogs… So you can see on the book’s front cover that you’re looking for a yellow lab. The dog is usually pretty small (to make it fun for kids to find) so that’s what the large book size comes in handy. On my small web images, it’s a lot harder to see! On the corn/cow page, the dog is in the red barn. On the cowboy page, it is behind some grass in front of the cows, middle top of the page. Fun, huh?

  1. Yea, they should HAVE said “Wow Cow!” cause that was all I noticed until I saw WOW Corn! and I was like, Where? Where’s the corn? Oh, there it is! On the right…..LOL

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