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Do cows like music?

The pink cows from yesterday’s post make it difficult to top it off, so I won’t even try. I saw cows in several children’s books today but my featured daily cow comes from the music studio. I took my oldest there this afternoon for a drum session. When he was done, he started playing around with the hats and puppets the owner has on display. That’s when I noticed this cow puppet:

Cow hand puppet
Cow hand puppet

It does look  little nicer and more sturdy than the cow hand puppet I recently saw at Michael’s. Still, I couldn’t stop wondering, why would there be a cow (puppet or not) in a music studio? But then I also saw sheep, chicken and duck puppets, so a cow seems like the perfect complement to the other barn animals. I can’t imagine what they sound like when they try to sing all together. Fortunately we didn’t stay long enough to find out…

5 thoughts on “Do cows like music?

  1. I saw on TV that cows do like music. The milk yield increases when music is played in the milking parlour. They like relaxing music, Classical, that sort of thing :)

  2. I’m sure cows like country music too, just can’t imagine rap or heavy metal would relax them enough to increase the milk yield. Which isn’t to say they might not enjoy it! I can just imagine them… :D

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