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How many eyes does a cow need to sell coffee?

Living in San Diego means we’re lucky enough to call home a city where people from around the world come to spend some precious vacation time. There’s so much to do and visit around town, I can honestly say we can’t be bored. But living in such a popular city also means we have to share it with tourists at every holiday, during Spring Break and the whole summer.

So this morning we decided to head down to San Diego’s Balboa Park before the summer crowds join in by next month. We visited a few attractions we’ve never been to before, such as the Balboa Park miniature train ride, and the carousel. That’s where I found… No, not a cow. There wasn’t a single bovine on the merry-go-round. Apparently cows are not popular animals on carousels – my previous carousel encounter reached the same conclusion. But I did find this animal:

San Diego Balboa Park Carousel - pig with cow spots
San Diego Balboa Park Carousel - pig with cow spots

Is this a pig? With cow spots? Hmm, would you call this a pig cow, or a cow pig? Oh, wait, I’ve seen this before, right in my kitchen. It’s called the Fisher-Price magnet animal farm!

After our exciting train and carousel rides, we strolled around the park some more. Right by the Prado restaurant, we caught sight of this sign for Daniel’s Coffee Bean shop. This cow is my first discovery of its kind – it’s a cyclop cow!

San Diego Balboa Park - Daniel's Coffee Bean shop with cyclop cow
San Diego Balboa Park - Daniel's Coffee Bean shop with cyclop cow

This sign provides one more clue about cows. On top of promoting the sale of milk, creamer, wine and beer, cows can also help to sell coffee! So if you want to sell a lot of coffee, forget about using  clipart of a steaming coffee cup, coffee beans, or even  a green silly-looking mermaid. Go for the kill and use a cow!

4 thoughts on “How many eyes does a cow need to sell coffee?

  1. Wow! A one-eyed cow and a cow pig….a cow pig with what appears to be horse’s legs and hooves! LOL
    You have me curious now with the idea that there are no cows possibly on carousels….the next time I see a carousel I MUST keep my eyes open and see if I can find one or not!

    1. Oh, I’d love to hear it if you find a cow on a carousel!!! And you’re right, I didn’t notice the pig’s legs but they definitely don’t look like they belong on a pig. How disturbing!

      1. I think the pig might be going through an identity crisis!
        And if I EVER see a cow on a carousel, you will be the first to hear of it! :)

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