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More cows on NBC’s The Office!

A few months ago, I witnessed an interesting conversation taking place on the NBC TV show The Office, where cows somehow took the center stage. Well, I’m glad to announce that cows are back on The Office! And this time, the bovine appearance is a real cow. Or rather what’s left of it…

With Michael Scott’s departure, Dundler Mifflin has had to fill his position and so far the lucky winner has been Deangelo Vickers (played by Will Ferrell). Vickers happens to be a fan of Southwest decor and starts bringing his own decorations to his office, even while Scott is still working there. What comes to mind when you hear Southwest decor? How about the stereotypical Indian wall rugs, the turquoise Kokopelli figurine, and of course the cow skull. All three items are featured below.

Cow skull decoration on NBC's The Office wall
Cow skull decoration on NBC's The Office wall

This screenshot is from a recent episode called Inner Circle, but I believe you get to see the Southwest decor, including the cow skull,  in almost every episode guest starring Will Ferrell. The latest episode ends with Vickers attempting a slam dunk but things go a little wrong. Vickers holds the ring too long and the whole thing tilts over him, securing him an ambulance ride to the hospital. Vickers comes back to the office later but seems to have suffered from a pretty substantial concussion. As much as I love Will Ferrell, I won’t miss his obnoxious character if he gets to go… I’m going to miss you, Michael Scott!

Diangelo Vickers on NBC's The Office
Diangelo Vickers on NBC's The Office

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