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Holy cow, it’s the Cow Parade!

Do you think it’s possible to watch a whole hour of episode of Elmo or Blue’s Clues without spotting a single cow? I’ll give you the answer if you can’t guess. Absolutely not, and today was no exception for me and my kids.

I’ll be kind and spare you the common sighting, and instead share with you very cool videos of colorful cows around the world, courtesy of my husband. The video he originally sent me is of the traveling Cow Parade, this one taking place in San Jose, Costa Rica. I’m not certain “Cow Parade” is an appropriate term as the cow statues don’t move, but they sure are fun to watch!

I love the cow serving itself whole for dinner:

Beef! It's what's for dinner!
Beef! It's what's for dinner!

How about this one? Would you call it a bull frog, or maybe a frog bull?

A bull frog - or rather a frog bull
A bull frog - or rather a frog bull

Now, my favorite Cow Parade video probably is the one from Madrid. People were so excited about the exhibit that they had a very official press conference about it: 

There are lots of cow statues in this video, but one of my favorites as to be this one:

Madrid cow parade - European flag cow
Madrid cow parade - European flag cow

Wow, was this approved by the European Union? Obviously these cow people know that politics is a lot of bull…

In 2011 the Cow Parade will stampede into the cities of Austin, TX (USA), and Rio de Janeiro and Santa Catarina (Brazil). You can visit the official Cow Parade website, which features an amazing worldwide cow gallery. Where else would you find an ice-skating cow in a pink tutu? Notice the gold medal she won – having four legs probably helps with the triple axel landings.

Cow parade - ice skating cow in a pink tutu
Cow parade - ice skating cow in a pink tutu

There’s way worse, or way better depending on how you see it, on that website. If you need a break from your daily life or a tickle of your imagination, I highly recommend you visit the cow parade gallery!

8 thoughts on “Holy cow, it’s the Cow Parade!

  1. Wow, the only place in the U.S. it’s coming is Texas? How awesome AND to my birthplace, no less! Too bad I live 4 hours away from Austin now…:( I would definitely go check it out!

    1. Hmmmm…The Austin Cow Parade page says Cows on Parade: Friday, June 24, 2011 – Sunday, October 16, 2011…..I usually go to Austin for my nephew’s birthday in August so depending on WHERE it is in Austin…maybe I WILL get a chance to see!

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