What sells barbecue better than cows?

I’ve captured logos from several barbecue restaurants in the past (in Missouri, and here in San Diego). Each was displaying a blissful cow, oblivious to its imminent death. Beef, it’s what for dinner!

Today’s cow logo is used to advertise another barbecue option, this time at a local Hometown Buffet. This (huge) banner stands in front of the restaurant with the intent to lure hungry people in.

Hometown Buffet BBQ cow logo

Hometown Buffet BBQ cow logo

I have to say I’m not too crazy about the cow logo. It’s pretty conservative and doesn’t show a smiling or funny cow like the other BBQ restaurants. However I like the nose ring. It’s pretty hip, especially since Hometown Buffet is so much the opposite!

By the way, did you notice the pork logo? “Pork – be inspired.” Who knew pork had such inspirational powers? I learn something every day…


2 responses to “What sells barbecue better than cows?

  1. Well…a cow skull with a nose ring and a saying about pork…Cows and pigs hanging out together still!

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