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There’s a new family of cows at our house

Yesterday my husband hit the jackpot. Nope, he didn’t gamble at the casino. Rather he paid a visit to a local discount store, where he found the Playmobil Farm value set ($155 on Amazon):

Playmobil farm value set
Playmobil farm value set

and the Playmobil Fire Rescue value set ($80 on Amazon):

Playmobil Fire Rescue value set
Playmobil Fire Rescue value set

Do the math and you’ll realize we could have spent $235 on the two boxes. I loved playing with Playmobil toys when I was a kid but I never realized how expensive they were until I wanted to buy some for my own kids. Even though these two sets have a lot of pieces to play with, I’d have a hard time pulling $235 out of my wallet to make my kids happy.

My husband jumped one this one-time opportunity when he saw the boxes marked at $30 and $50 respectively. But lucky him, this past weekend, all Playmobil sets were 40% off. Jackpot! We’re the lucky owners of $235 of Playmobil toys for just $50!

Our kids couldn’t wait until we were done building the two sets to play with them – and there was a lot of building to do. We set up everything on the coffee table last night and the kids got to play with both sets this morning. “It’s like Christmas,” I heard them say. Music to my ears…

However it didn’t take long for my boys’ destructive instinct to kick in. Here’s what I witnessed a half-hour into playtime: cows in distress…

Playmobil farm - dairy cows
Playmobil farm - dairy cows

Oh my god, what happened to the cows? My youngest proudly announced the farm had just experienced an earthquake. I surveyed the surroundings and noticed the rest of the farm didn’t look much better. The garden had been hit, resulting an uprooted tree and torn flowers:

Playmobil farm - uprooted tree and broken flowers
Playmobil farm - uprooted tree and broken flowers

Unfortunately, the farmhouse didn’t look much better.

Playmobil farm house
Playmobil farm house

That’s when my oldest, as observant as he can be, stated the farm didn’t get hit by an earthquake, but rather by a tornado. Apparently he’s working on his Master’s in Natural Catastrophies.

I was kind enough to our newly adopted cow family and helped them get back on their feet. Don’t they look better like this?

Playmobil farm - dairy cows on their feet
Playmobil farm - dairy cows on their feet

Oh yeah, guess what I’m going to see every day now! Cows, cows, cows… and not one single pig to keep them company.

6 thoughts on “There’s a new family of cows at our house

  1. What a deal! And thanks so much for giving me a good laugh, the story of your sons and their catastrophes on the farm was hilarious! Gotta love kids and the way their minds work! :)

  2. Boys imaginations are so different to that of us girls, huh?

    My son and daughter had a massive fight one day. She yelled, “he keeps destroying the game!!” She was setting up her Georgian dolls house and playing out some scene of elegance and beauty, he then rammed a great big wooden tractor into the Georgian dining room because the tractor had been in an accident and skidded into the house (with full blown sound effects).

    My kids love Playmobil too. But you’re right, normally it’s really expensive. Your husband picked up a total bargain there (and no matter how many earthquakes and tornadoes there are, the little plastic parts will remain intact for you to rebuild a pretty farm again ;-))

    1. Haha, this story about your son’s own destructive instinct is hilarious! I think it’s easy to draw the line between boys and girls right there. Girls don’t mind playing with cars and trucks but they’d never come up with such mayhem scenarios. As for the little pieces, yes, they can be put back together but I think the vacuum cleaner is their worst enemy…

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