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Cows at the town fair? Not so popular.

Today came with a lot of anticipation, as it was our town’s annual fair. Unlike the San Diego County Fair, which is a huge deal if you’re a San Diego resident and includes lots of farm animals and fun rides, our town fair is a lot smaller. When you have little kids, smaller is better, as a child’s patience runs out pretty quickly.

We got the opportunity to browse the booths of local vendors, sample some fair food, enjoy the kiddy rides, and listen to live bands. A interesting statistical fact about this fair, it clearly gathered the highest number of shaved ice vendors on a half-mile stretch. Yummy!

Refreshing snow cone
Refreshing snow cone

As for cows, since our town fair didn’t host any live animals, they happened to be a rare occurrence. I did spot quite a lot of not-real-life animals, including pigs, horses, even monkeys. Here are the only cows I saw but I think they’re worth the rare spotting:

Stuffed cows at the town fair
Stuffed cows at the town fair

I just love the flowers coming out of the cows’ nostrils – life always has to smell beautiful for them!

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