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Shop in style with this new cow cooler bag

It was just a few days ago when I spotted new reusable shopping bags at Henry’s Marketplace on sale by the registers. Well, the reusable bags now have company! While paying for fresh produce this afternoon, I saw these new cooler bags hanging by the register:

Henry's Marketplace new cooler bag
Henry's Marketplace new cooler bag

Doesn’t this cow look cool? Or hot, depending on which side you’re looking at. I’m really starting to think Henry’s is embracing the daily cow spotting theory. Between their monthly flyers, store signage and now two new bags, they’re catching on to the subliminal purchasing power of the cow. Buyers beware!

2 thoughts on “Shop in style with this new cow cooler bag

  1. I had never heard of Henry’s Marketplace before I started reading your blog…is it a California only grocer OR just in the West?
    Maybe I should be lucky we don’t have one since cows appear to have this “subliminal purchasing power”….

    1. The produce store chain started in Southern California (I believe it started in San Diego) and it has stores all over Southern California ( I really like it because that’s where I get the freshest produce and a lot of it is local, at least California. But yeah, they seem to have embraced cows quite a lot recently so I’m wondering about their ultimate goals…

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