Did you know there are cows in the rainforest?

I recently borrowed a number of educational DVDs from the library, including Rainforest for Children: Animals of the Rainforest. The video only lasts 25 minutes and it’s designed to be used by teachers in their classrooms. My kids are only three and five years old but they enjoy watching the Schlessinger Media DVD series and have learned a lot about the rainforest because of this video.

Well, it happens I’ve learned a lot too. I had no idea there were that many cows in the South American rainforest, since they are not a native species.

Cows in the rainforest

Cows in the rainforest

There are a lot of cattle ranches in this rainforest and the cows were all imported from Asia. This explains the hump on their backs. And egrets enjoy these cows a lot, as they get to snack on the thousands of flies attracted to the cattle.

Rainforest cows and egrets

Rainforest cows and egrets

That’s one great thing about having kids – you continue to learn something new every day.


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