When cows fly

Today I took my youngest to SeaWorld while his brother attended a classmate’s birthday party. While at SeaWorld I got a chance to pet a young wallaby (yes, apparently they have wallabies at marine parks), pet a dolphin (yeah!), and enjoy the Pets Rule show, where there’s a cow head on the large bottle of milk.

Well, by not being the one to take my oldest to the birthday party, this is what I missed:

Flying cow - cow with wings

Flying cow - cow with wings

Yes, it’s a flying cow, with huge wings! Look how cute it is sideways:

It's a flying cow

It's a flying cow

And if you think it just looks like it could fly, think again. With large wings and double AA batteries, it’s a flying wonder. Now I finally understand how the cow managed to jump over the moon. Take a look at the flying cow in action:

All you do at home is attach a string from the ceiling to the cow and you get to see a cow flying around and around. Wow cow! Can you believe I missed this???

Next time someone says, “when pigs fly”, just reply, “no, when cows fly”, and you’ll know you’ve just increased your probability rate.


8 responses to “When cows fly

  1. That is pretty cool! I’m always amazed at how much fancier and high tech toys are getting….they don’t look the same as when I was a kid!
    I wonder if they do in fact have a flying pig, too? If not, I’m sure it won’t be much longer until they do have one!

  2. Maybe if I had a kid….I couldn’t see buying me a flying cow or pig or any animal right now! LOL

  3. Ok, that’s cool! My nephew had a plane that flew around the room in circles but a cow? How awesome!

  4. :D It’s happy cow from Smosh’s video! I have been looking to see if that thing was real for ages!

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