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Painted cows at the trading post

We spent today in a local mountain town, enjoying some window shopping activity in perfect weather. Most small shops in the mountains of Southern California carry the same type of merchandise: Western and Native American type decor, paintings and clothings, stones and crystals, locally made candy, honey, bread and pies, and the occasional coffee house or tea shop. Just picture gold miners in the late 1800s living in such towns, and what they would need to buy or sell.

Of course, let’s not forget the local trading post, where I found these beautiful bovine sisters:

Painted cows at the trading post store
Painted cows at the trading post store

Hand-painted tulips on one, flowers on the other, how lovely! And this setup wouln’t be complete without the authentic cowhide table cover. Very classy. You won’t see one of these at my house!

Of course, a trip to the local mountains wouldn’t be complete without having lunch at one of the local restaurants. I’ll keep the name of our pick anomymous because I can’t find anything nice to say about the time it took for someone to come to our table, the time it took to get our food, the taste and quality of our meals… But this is what was on the wall above our booth:

American buffalo hide wall decor
American buffalo hide wall decor

American bison wall decor? I’m guessing they got it at the trading post down the road.

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