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I’m taking you to a cattle ranch in Colorado today

I had quite a few cow sightings today, including on dairy products, in books and in one video, but I’d like to share a special encounter with you instead.

A cattle rancher visited my blog today and took the opportunity to say hi. She shared the story of her angus cattle ranch located at over 6000 feet in the mountains of Colorado, where cows and bulls get to graze on green pastures. I can’t read the minds of cows but I would say this one looks pretty happy. Of course, it has no clue what its ultimate purpose really is, but let’s not spoil things for the poor cow.

Photo courtesy of 101 Livestock Company
Photo courtesy of 101 Livestock Company

There are plenty more cows to see on the 101 Livestock Company cattle ranch’s website if you’d like to learn more. I want to thank Francine for stopping by and showing me that spending every day around cows can be so enjoyable, watching new calves being born and mothers taking care of each other’s babies. I’m glad to hear that cows make such great moms, and I hope there are many more cattle ranchers out there like you.

2 thoughts on “I’m taking you to a cattle ranch in Colorado today

  1. Thank you for posting – 191 Livestock Company is truly a ranch that cares about our cattle. We LOVE our animals (we also raise cow horses – how appropriate eh?). Our cattle operation is a seed stock operation, which means we reproduce only the best and highest genetic pool. Our cattle go on to be the moms and dads for the larger operations (although we keep almost all of our heifers and cows) and sell our bulls to other ranches. Our cattle also go through heart tests to be sure they are healthy enough to live in the high altitude (many cattle cannot live in this altitude for a substantial amount of time). Many of our cows have names and have inspirational stories in and of themselves. I appreciate the opportunity to share with all of you! This particular picture that you choose, I have an updated picture of her and her baby. He is HUGE and she is an awesome mom! I LOVE the books and have posted some of the jokes (which I do from time to time) on our facebook page.

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