Cows are singing me “Happy Birthday”

Today is my birthday and my mom was kind enough to send me an electronic birthday card. I got to open it first thing this morning and this is what I saw:

How nice is that? My mom wanted to make sure I’d see a cow today amd thought this would be the perfect card. Well, I saw a few other cows later on, but these cool singing cows were my first cow sighting and they really made my day!


13 responses to “Cows are singing me “Happy Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday from me too!!

  2. Happy birthday! Cool card :)

    I hope you see my joke before your birthday is over; there is a little gift for you. How serendipitous that it should come today.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! nice funny card :)

  4. Happy birthday! :)

  5. Cute! And Happy Birthday :)

  6. Happy Birthday!
    How funny for you to get a birthday card with singing cows! Kudos to your mom!

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