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The soothing effect of cows at the dentist’s

Almost every time I visit my local library, I walk by a dentist’s office and can’t help but stare at what I see on the inside wall, right by the door. I find it a little awkward to go inside and ask the receptionist if I can take a picture of the pictures frames for my daily blog. Would you look at me funny if I made this request? I also tried to take pictures through the office’s glass door but the glare always delivered poor quality photos.

But today I saw my window of opportunity and I seized the moment. It was a very hot day in San Diego, and very humid as we rarely see it here, and the dentist’s office door was… open! I stopped the kids in their tracks – something hard to do where they’re trekking to reach the library’s front door in search of new books – and explained I had to make a permanent record of this cow and its friends. I present you with a whole barnyard of round-bodied animals on skinny legs:

Cows, pigs, sheep and rabbits at the dentist's office
Cows, pigs, sheep and rabbits at the dentist's office

Notice how the pig and the cow are at hanging out next to each other. I love the pig pattern, by the way, very panda like. Now I have absolutely no idea where these frames come from but I noticed the cow looks  familiar to the cow I saw on stove burners recently, yet not quite the same. I also have no idea why this dentist would have pictures of farm animals on his (her?) office wall. If you have a theory, I’d love to hear it. Are they supposed to have a soothing effect on dental patients?

Overall I feel it’s my lucky day since I’ve been trying to capture this cow sighting for months. If I had enough motivation in me, I’d go buy a lottery ticket to seal the deal but it’s still too damn hot and sticky to enjoy an evening stroll.

4 thoughts on “The soothing effect of cows at the dentist’s

      1. No :) the legs are of normal proportions! What I have heard about these sort of pictures is that they were all about emphasising the part of the animal which the breeders were trying to enhance – in the case of the meat animals that was how much meat was on them, so the big square bodies and relatively tiny heads and limbs were exaggerated. Maybe it was an early kind of advertising? I have also heard the farmer who bred a beast which won a prize at a show might get such a painting done of his prize winning animal. Pictures of racehorses of the same era are also “photoshopped” to make them look sleek and fast :)

      2. In America they breed turkeys and chickens that are all breast, so breasty they can barely walk because of the additional weight. Apparently you can get a lot of meat that way out of each poultry specimen…

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