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The art designers at Vons are copycows

What do you call someone who copies someone else’s cow artwork and concepts? A copycat, or a copycow? During today’s visit to my local grocery store – Vons (otherwise known as Safeway) – I was shocked to witness infringement on two designs I’ve seen somewhere else recently.

First, I present you with the cow cooler bag from Lucerne, or Vons, or Safeway. Same difference. I’m all for the idea of using cows on cooler bags because after all, cows are pretty cool. But Henry’s Marketplace beat them to it several weeks ago with their own cow cooler bag.

Vons Lucerne cow cooler bag
Vons Lucerne cow cooler bag

Then there was the bags of potato chips. Light colored and featuring cool illustrations of animals, including a coyote on one and of course, a bull on another. Check out the smokin’ hot longhorn!

Vons barbecue potato chips
Vons barbecue potato chips

Don’t get me wrong. I really like the artwork on this bag but I can’t help remembering very similar artwork on a bag of “ranch” flavored potato chips at Fresh & Easy. The art designers at Vons need to get out of their cubicles and find ways to tickle their imagination. Clearly, all they can think about is cows. Maybe they should start by not reading this blog every day…

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