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Got keys? How about this cow keychain?

One of the pit stops our family made this Saturday was Michael’s, the craft store I would visit and buy from every day if I had a million dollars to spend on art & craft supplies. But I don’t, so I mostly browse the aisles in a dreamy state, buy supplies when I need or really want them, and sometimes find fun toys for the kids. Today we found this novelty, a first on this blog: an LED cow keychain!

LED cow keychain - it moos!
LED cow keychain - it moos!

Now, here’s what it can do. When you push the button behind its head, the cow will moo and its nostrils will light up. This means it doubles as a flashlight, a mooing flashlight to be exact. And don’t ask if there’s a button to press to get milk. I looked and there was none. Are you ready for the live demo? Here we go! I’m warning you, it’s wild… Note: thanks to my hubby for filming this with his camera phone (it’s much better quality than mine).

Are you impressed yet? All I can think about is what it’d be like to have one of these cow keychains in my purse. I can picture myself standing in line at the grocery store, waiting for the cashier to ring up my purchases when suddenly a mooing sounds is heard. Er, is that really coming out of your purse, she’d wonder, staring at me? No, don’t look at me, it must be coming from somewhere else… Then I’d be running out of the store without ever completing my purchase. Thanks, I think I’ll skip this one!

7 thoughts on “Got keys? How about this cow keychain?

  1. It’s not a very realistic mooing sound though, not nearly as good as the low-tech can one!

    And that thought about mysterious mooing from a handbag reminds of a funny thing that happened when I was in Norway. One of my supervisors had come over to give a talk about Anglo-Saxon literature and there were maybe 20 or 30 students in the lecture room. She had just been introduced, with all her impressive credentials and it was just time to applaud when suddenly someone’s cellphone went off. Only their ringtone was horse neighing!!!

    Perfect timing :) fortunately she has a sense of humour as it was just so funny it would have been impossible not to laugh :D

    The poor girl whose phone it was was so embarrassed!

      1. No, this is another part of middle daughter’s cow collection. I found a pen at Michael’s that has the same cow attached to it. And at Hallmark today I found a pen with a cow on top that does jumping jacks when you write :)

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