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Another runaway cow escapes the slaughterhouse

Name: Kayli
Color: White
Species: Bovine
Attitude: Likes to defy death

I found today’s featured cow in the news and she’s kind a fighter. Just like Molly B and the Australian cow who also happens to be the oldest cow in the world, Kayli is an escapee and survivor. Two weeks ago she escaped from imminent death in a Pennsylvania slaughterhouse. A number of organizations, including many animal rights advocates, requested Kayli to be set free and sent to an animal sanctuary.

Unfortunately some weird Pennsylvania law dictates that any cow entering a slaughterhouse must come out of it packaged, not walking on all fours. It looks like the people exercised their power and their petitions went all the way up to the governor of Pennsylvania to request her “pardon”.  And it worked!

Today, after two weeks of quarantine, Kayli was set free. Actually she was sent to the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in upstate New York, where she’ll live happily ever after. Check this out, she already found a boyfriend… You go, girl, not wasting any time!

Kayli the runaway cow at the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary
Kayli the runaway cow at the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Don’t you love a happy ending? Who said life is not just like in the movies?

Read the full article on Kayli’s story.

4 thoughts on “Another runaway cow escapes the slaughterhouse

  1. We had a similar story in the UK, two pigs. The press called them ‘The Tamworth Two’ because they were from Tamworth, I think. But they organised their own escape and went on the run :)

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