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I saw cows on my way to Disneyland!

My eldest son turned five yesterday and to celebrate this big event, we took our first Amtrack train ride as a whole family from San Diego to Anaheim to visit Downtown Disney. As we parked next to the train station in Solana Beach, I spotted the lifesize cow my husband took a picture of a few months ago and decided I should pay it a visit on our way back (see below).

After a one-and-a-half-hour train ride that took almost two and a half hours without any explanation from Amtrack, we finally arrived to Anaheim. I thought only airplanes were late, but clearly trains are not the solution for on-time travel. At least, not American trains.

While making our way through Downtown Disney, we spotted two men in front of us carrying a lot of balloons. I was taking a close look at them and noticing they were all shaped like animals when my son yelled: Mama, there’s a cow! What can I say? The kid’s got much better vision than I do. Right in the middle of the balloon stack, you can find a Holstein cow. It was hard to take a photo of it all and because of the angle, you mostly see the cow’s derriere. But trust me, it is a cow.

Cow balloon among other animal balloons
Cow balloon among other animal balloons

We had an exciting, adventurous day at Downtown Disney, buying a couple cool toys in the Disney store, lunching at the Rainforest Cafe and visiting a Lego store. The kids loved the taxi cab ride from the station to Disney and back and were thrilled to ride the train. I’ll admit it, by the end they did ask several times the question dreaded by all traveling parents: Are we there yet?

And yes, we got back to Solana Beach after a normal one-and-a-half-hour train ride. We stopped by the famous cow so I could see it with my own eyes. I found out it was part of a past cow parade exhibit in La Jolla, right next to San Diego. Here’s the name of the artwork and the artist:

Cow from the cow parade in Solana Beach
Cow from the cow parade in Solana Beach

And to prove you I was there (and to preserve the memories), here I am with the “crazy quilt” cow. Oh, what a fun day we had!

Crazy Quilt cow from cow parade in Solana Beach
Crazy Quilt cow from cow parade in Solana Beach

4 thoughts on “I saw cows on my way to Disneyland!

    1. It’s just hard to believe a train ride that’s supposed to take 1.5 hours ends up taking 2.5 hours. With no explanation. Someone on the train told us this happens all the time and Amtrack never explains the delays. Terrible customer service! It’s too bad because it was so much more comfortable to travel by train than by plane, but the trains here don’t go faster than 70mph (100km/h)…

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