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More cows trapped in a claw machine

The kids played so nicely together this morning, I took them out to lunch at a local Chinese buffet. We don’t go there very often but the food is pretty good and the kids love the game area they only can visit if they behave well during lunch.

After pigging out on shrimp low mein, orange chicken, and other Chinese specialties, we made a quick visit to the games. I always tell the kids I don’t have any money left and since they don’t bring their own, this is always a free activity. We just look like a bunch of looky-loos, or as I’d rather say smart people who know not to waste their money on crap.

The walls of the Chinese restaurant are covered with many, many authentic decorations, but not one of them includes a cow. My youngest thought he saw one in a painting, but it happens to be a white horse covered with black dalmatian-like spots.

However we found out the claw machine was full of cows. Well, at least cows is what the three of us agreed the blue balloons were supposed to be:

Cow stuck in claw machine
Cow stuck in claw machine

I love this cow, sitting next to its best friend Piggy! Here’s another cow, from a side angle:

Cow balloon in claw machine
Cow balloon in claw machine

Did you see the ckicken upside down? Lovely! Somebody was having way too much fun when they designed these animal balloons.

By the way, if you missed my previous cow sightings in claw machines, here’s a recap for you:

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