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The Cow Parade Austin 2011 is on!

Cow Parade Austin 2011I saw quite a lot of cows today, including one in a PBS episode of Curious George on DVD at dinner time. I have a feeling I’ll get to see the same episode again tomorrow (we all know how much kids love repetition) so you’ve be warned!

Instead of showing you my cow sightings for today, I’d like to use today’s post to feature a super cool event starting tomorrow. It’s the COW PARADE in Austin, TX!

Cow Parade Austin 2011
Cow Parade Austin 2011

 The exhibit consists of 100 cows painted by local artists and put on display throughout the city of Austin, mostly downtown. More cows will be added to the exhibit in August 2011 (I think the organization is still selecting the lucky winning artists). Here’s a sneak peek of the Cow Parade exhibit.

Check out this Cow-maro! Doesn’t it make you want to go there and see them all?

Cow-maro sculpture at the Cow Parade in Austin, TX 2011
Cow-maro sculpture at the Cow Parade in Austin, TX 2011

While browsing the event’s website, I found out the Cow Parade organization also sponsors the creation of “Mini Moos” and “Micro Moos”. Children of most ages are encouraged to create their own cow sculptures, which will be auctioned off. What a great idea to spread exposure to the arts to kids!

If you’re located not too far from Austin, TX, you have until December to view the Cow Parade, with most cows staying on display until the end. And if you’re not, you may have better luck next year when the Cow Parade visits North Carolina (darn it, still too far from me). Somebody please ask them to mooooove this parade to California already!

7 thoughts on “The Cow Parade Austin 2011 is on!

  1. We had the Cow Parade in Manchester, UK, in 2004. I loved seeing the brighly coloured cows all around the city. I printed the locations and made it a personal challenge to see as many as possible. I wish they’d come back, but they don’t visit the same city twice. I’d love to paint one myself – Keep it in the garden. :-)

    I was lucky enough to be in Madrid in 2009 when they had a Cow Parade too. Enjoy it whilst you can – You’ll miss them when they’re gone.

    1. I really hope the Cow Parade will be back on the West Coast at some point. Apparently it was in San Diego (La Jolla) several years ago, since this is where the local cow statue at the Solana Beach station comes from.

      If you want to have a cow statue in your backyard, you may want to find something like this:
      My mom found it in a home & garden catalog in France, so I’d think you can find something similar in the UK. It would be fun to have around – a great conversation starter for guests!

  2. Downtown Austin is hard to get to when I am visiting my family in South Austin…which I am supposed to be around the end of August sometime, if things go well. Maybe I will get a chance to see some of them, though! :)
    I think it’s interesting that it will be in North Carolina next year because I have no family there YET, but my niece that just got married this past year is moving there around the end of this year or the beginning of next yr. to live on the base with her hubby….it would be cool if this parade is close to them!

    1. The Cow Parade probably won’t start in North Carolina until summer, so you’d have to time it right. Your best chance is Austin, since you’re a few hours away. Maybe you can just drive around downtown to see a few. I believe the Parade was in Houston on September 2001 when I was there because I remember seeing a number of cow statues together on a plaza when we drove downtown. Funny that I had no idea what I was looking at then!

  3. Oh wow, Houston is only 2 hours from me, that’s even closer! :)
    As for North Carolina, I doubt I will be able to afford visiting my niece there, I will probably see her when she comes down to visit before moving…I was actually thinking SHE might would want to go see it when she moves there! :)

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