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Today’s cow wins the amazing maze race with Curious George

Well, I warned you about this yesterday but I really didn’t think I’d be featuring this cow on today’s post. The first thing that came out of my kids’ mouths tonight was, Mama, we want to watch Curious George and the maze race!

So I got to watch Curious George’s episode called “The Amazing Maze Race” with them and that’s where I saw Leslie the cow. Curious George and the man in the yellow hat decide to take part in a maze race with a number of other contestants. Leslie the cow is grazing in a field next to the maze when she apparently realizes her life is quite boring and she could use a little excitement. So she makes her way into the corn maze:

For whatever insane reason, that darn cow also decides grass isn’t good enough and she needs a change of diet. So she gobbles up George’s maze map. And I thought cows were nice…

I’ll admit, this cow finds redemption as she walks away and George and the man in the yellow hat decide to follow her. Clearly cows have a great sense of direction because Leslie is the first one to make her way out of the maze!

Thanks to her, George and his owner show up right behind her, and since they were officially enrolled in the contest and the cow wasn’t, they end up winning first prize. Who said cows weren’t nice?

Congratulations, George, you win the golden cob! Now that’s something to be proud of.

2 thoughts on “Today’s cow wins the amazing maze race with Curious George

  1. When I first read this title, for some reason I read “MACE” and I was wondering what happened to children’s cartoons that they were discussing a MACE race…..LOL
    I was relieved to see that my eyes were playing tricks on me and it was a MAZE :)

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