Do you really want me to think this is a bull market?

As I was checking my Yahoo email earlier today, I couldn’t help notice this ad banner at the top of my browser window:

Bull market investments

Bull market investments

This ad really makes you wonder what advertisers, in this case an investment company, are really thinking. Does the Fisher Investments company really want me to think the stock market is a bull market right now? Have they been watching the recent news at all??? Do they know that, although we’ve avoided a major economic crisis (as if we needed it) because of a congressional budget impasse, our stock market has been tanking every day for the past week because of all the incertainty? Do they have a crystal ball where they’re seeing a wonderful outcome for our stock market over the next few months? Hmm, sorry, I’m not going to drink the Kool Aid…

Now, here’s for the funny part. If you read the ad carefully, you’ll notice the way it starts. “If you have 500 grand laying around…”. OK, it doesn’t literally say that, but look at it again and you’ll see I’m not far off. Haha, so much for targeted advertising from Yahoo! They clearly don’t know anything about my financial situation. Should I tell them I had to beg my husband for money this morning because I ran out of cash and couldn’t take the kids to an indoor playground because of it?


4 responses to “Do you really want me to think this is a bull market?

  1. It sounds like you are more aware than some people. It is amazing how some people can get conned into things believing it will make them rich.

    I enjoyed reading your blog :-)

  2. If I had $500,000, I would be jumping for joy and staying far, far away from ANY stock markets! I’ve read way too many horror stories, ah!

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