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Is it a cow? Is it a fish? It’s a cowfish!

I thought today’s cow feature may appear in a book or on a cup of yogurt as it did this morning. But then I saw something else during our visit to the Sealife aquarium by Legoland California this morning, and I knew I’d have to share this with you instead.

My husband recently bought some highly discounted aquarium tickets on a website similar to Groupon and we still had three tickets to use by early September. So the kids and I took the 40-mile trip (each way) this morning, got stuck in traffic on almost every freeway, and finally reached the aquarium by 9:30am.

It still gave us enough time to go through the exhibits a couple of times, have lunch and explore some more. We even attended the diver show, then the octopus feeding talk. Did you know an octopus’s tastebuds are on its tentacles. How convenient! They don’t even have to put food in their taste to taste it and decide if they should eat it or not.

Of course I forgot my good quality Canon Powershot camera at home, so all I had with me was my cell phone camera, which fares poorly in low-light environments, such as… aquariums! We walked by a fish tank when I spotted this animal floating at the top. It does have a very funny way to swim, by the way. Of course I didn’t come up with a good picture of the fish so the next best thing was to take a photo of the display. Is it a cow? Is it a fish? It’s a cow fish!

Long-horned cowfish at Sealife aquarium
Long-horned cowfish at Sealife aquarium

I even love the adjective, “long-horned.” And I thought all longhorns are four legs, walked on earth and grazed on grass. I really learn something every day.

By the way, I’d also like to show you another funny picture, animal-related. Think about all the pictures people take, stating they can see the face of Jesus or the Virgin Mary, especially on food. Well, earlier this week my kids and I were having lunch at Panda Express (yum!) and one of the food items was orange chicken. Suddenly my oldest blurted out, there’s a pig on my plate! Sweetie, you’re eating chicken. Take a look, he was right!

Pig with Panda Express's orange chicken
Pig with Panda Express's orange chicken

Is that cool or what??? Gosh, now I’m going to have to pay close attention and see if I can spot cows on my plate!

7 thoughts on “Is it a cow? Is it a fish? It’s a cowfish!

    1. Isn’t it??? I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it! The eye, the ear, the legs and the round belly. Way better than those Jesus pictures that could look like anything else you can imagine!

  1. Too bad you couldn’t call the piggie “Holy Pig” or something and sell him on Ebay for a fortune! LOL :)
    Next time I am rooting for the Longhorns, which are the mascot for the University of Texas football team….I am going to be thinking of not only cows but fish now.

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