10 responses to “I need your help to solve the mystery of this cow logo

  1. I never noticed that before but I can see both the guy with a cowboy hat a bull’s head with horns! Neat! :)
    Not sure what the logo is from but it DOES look familiar to me….

  2. A friend *nods to Laura* directed me to your blog in an attempt to solve this mystery. While there are def companies that use the bull as a logo, I believe this emblem/sticker simply shows this driver’s love of El Toro (fighting bull / bull fighting). I was able to find a few auto sites that sold it, along with eBay and Amazon (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Chrome-Styling-Emblem-FIGHTING-Adhesive/dp/B001JYFTVG). Hope this helps a bit! :o)

    • Oh my gosh, thank you, this helps a lot! I wonder if the “fighting bull” has to be with our close proximity to Mexico and their bullfighting activities in Tijuana. That would explain why this bull looks familiar, since I swear I’ve seen it somewhere else before.

      Thanks again for solving this mystery!

  3. It’s about Spain in Europe, it’s the country sign, the driver is a spanish guy

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