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A mooing man and a flying pig

Every time I leave the house, I never know if I’ll get to see a cow while I’m out. Past experiences have proven this usually happens and today was no exception. I took the kids for a walk to the library this afternoon and we managed to leave the place with a full bag again. Yes, I did see cows there but something else happened afterwards. Something big.

On the way back from the library, we stopped at a local coffeehouse that hosts weekly concerts by a small band (think 2 or 3 musicians). The kids like to listen to them for a while so I thought tonight would work out just right. Well, it didn’t. Because when we walked in, the band was taking a break and they took a break long enough that we left before they started playing again.

While we were waiting for something to happen, my kids played in the kids’ area of the coffeehouse, where we spotted a cow on the table during our last visit. My son picked up this book as he was going through the pile and asked for me to read it. I’m not sure if he was trying to play a joke on me but I went along. I don’t say no to reading books.

Mr Brown can moo! book
Mr Brown can moo! book

On the way out, I spotted something shiny on a shelf. When I saw it, I took it as a sign of great things about to happen. How do I know? Because if you’ve been waiting like me, let me be the first to share the news. Pigs can fly, pigs can fly, and I have proof!

When pigs fly - flying pig with wings
When pigs fly - flying pig with wings

Quick, make a wish, make a wish!

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